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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Amazon has some FANTASTIC diaper deals that you don't want to miss out on. The deals are good on all brands of diapers sold by Amazon. Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, Seventh Generation, gDiapers, doesn't matter, the deals work the same on all brands.

To do the deal:

1. Sign up for Amazon Moms, this gets you 15% off in addition to you subscribe and save discount, making your diapers 30% off.
2. Click here and choose your brand and size of Diapers
3. Click on the "subscribe now" button to add the diapers to your cart. This applies 15% subscribe and save discount and you get 15% off (for a total of 30% off) by being an Amazon Mom.

Next you can apply some coupons of you have them. If you don't you still got an amazing deal on diapers. Remember to come back and  cancel your subscribe and save subscription if you don't want another delivery of diapers. Best to do this once you receive the email notifying you that the order has shipping. If you want them to keep coming right to your door then you don't have to do anything.

Now to make the deal above even BETTER follow these steps!

3. Find your August and September issue of "Parents Magazine". In it you will find a little Orange Card for Amazon with an offer for 20% off. You can combine this with the deal above for a total savings of 50% OFF!! (30% with the subscribe and save discount and 20% with the Amazon coupon from Parents Magazine) Novembers coupon is Green
4. So you should have used this link to find the diapers you want to order, use the "subscribe now" button to add diapers to your cart (saves you 30%) now on the check out page enter your coupon code from Parents Magazine (saves you 20%).


Well it gets even better!!!

The codes in the Parents Magazine (August and September issues) can be combined if they start with different letters, so a code that starts with an A, can be used with a code that starts with an X and with a code that starts with a W. So if you have codes starting with all 3 letters you can use all 3 codes and people have been snagging cases of diapers for 90% off! Yes 90% off! (30% off subscribe and save, plus three 20% off coupon codes from Parents Magazine). Not sure yet if November is stack able yet, but my guess is they are going to be.

The codes are all one time use codes. 

Hint: You cannot use 2 codes starting with the same letter. For example you can not use two A codes on the same order. If you happen to have codes starting with the same letter, post on the Upper Valley Moms facebook page  to trade with someone else who has a duplicate code starting with a letter you need. Lets help all the moms take advantage of this amazing deal! 

Now for all the Pampers moms, you can add even more savings to your deal with an Amazon coupon that you can find here. There is a coupon for $1.50 off Easy Ups or Underjams and $1.50 off Extra Protection Diaper. You might need to hit refresh a few times to get the coupon you want to show up.

So quick grab your Parents Magazine coupon and order some CHEAP diapers!  Yes  the photo above is the actual order total from an Amazon diaper order! AMAZING right?

Rumor has it that there are going to be more Amazon Codes coming in the upcoming issues. You can order Parents Magazine right now for just $4! Well worth it if these deals keep up! You can also grab copies at stores right now to take advantage of these AMAZING deals!

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